Turbo Tax Suspension on Minnesota Lifted

On Saturday afternoon Minnesota taxpayers breathed a sigh of relief -- last week, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced they would not accept Turbo Tax prepared returns because of an apparent security breach of the very popular tax software. Over the weekend the MN Department of Revenue stated they would allow residents of the state to again use the software for their 2014 tax returns. 

Two Minnesota residents reported their taxes already being filed on Turbo Tax, leading many to believe the tax software had been breached. But after checking their system, Intuit, the manufacturer of the software Turbo Tax, claimed their system was not breached and they believe the personal data was stolen elsewhere. 

Because Turbo Tax is such an inexpensive and easy method of filing taxes, this news of Turbo Tax's reinstatement in Minnesota means many residents can easily take care of their taxes before the April deadline. Users of the software can take comfort knowing that Turbo Tax is still safe and effective, and that Intuit "implemented new and targeted security measures." 

Tax season is never fun or easy -- but for those who use Turbo Tax, it just got a little easier. 

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