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Carolyn Capablo Is Reclaiming Her Name

For real estate agents, their name is the basis of their reputation. It is how the community recognizes their business. Often, their name is the centerpiece to their brand. A REALTOR's success can actually be determined by whether or not potential clients know their name. When something tarnishes that name, it can have a serious impact on that agent’s reputation. When it happens to an agent through no fault of their own, it’s downright heartbreaking.

Usually a REALTOR’s dream, North Virginia real estate professional Carolyn Capalbo's phone has been ringing like crazy. Unfortunately, the reality is that Carolyn Capalbo is living a nightmare for two years. Her identity has been mistaken for a different Carolyn Capalbo, whose name has been associated with a scandal that made national headlines. Those phone calls aren’t from home buyers and sellers – they’re from reporters!

A simple internet search reveals that Carolyn Capalbo is the mother of Playboy cover girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre - the woman at the center of an escort/prostitution scandal that prompted Eliot Spitzer to resign his position as Governor of New York. One has to search through multiple links to find that a different, upstanding citizen named Carolyn Capalbo is also a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty in Northern Virginia. Because of the bad press someone else is receiving, Carolyn Capalbo’s real estate business is suffering.

Whenever a potential client types her name into a search engine, the top ranking results are articles that list Carolyn as the mother of Ashley Dupre. This disgrace is not what a potential home buyer or seller wants to see when they are researching real estate agents. Realtors are entrusted to help facilitate the largest financial transactions most citizens experience in their lifetimes: Home buyers want a real estate agent...