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City of Delano a Great Place to Call Home


When purchasing a home, not only do you look for a home that fits your needs and wants, but you're also looking for a neighborhood and community you can enjoy and sustain a great quality of life. The residents in Delano feel they have found just that in a recent 2010 survey conducted by Delano city officials.

In fact, in the recent 2010 survey, 66% of residents feel the "quality of life" in Delano is good and another 25% feel it is excellent. When surveyed what residents "perception of community" is for Delano, 85% call it home while only 9% call it just a place to live. And 77% feel the city is "heading in the right direction" with their award winning school district, park systems, and steady growth.  Another positive to living in Delano is that 54% feel property taxes are about average in comparison to other cities in the area.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, an empty nester looking to down size, or any buyer in between, Delano has housing options for every type of home buyer.Neighborhoods such as Woods Creek, Clover Springs, and West Ridge have a great mix of single family home options for both the first time home buyer and move up buyer. The 55+ townhome community is strategically located adjacent to the pharmacy, clinic, and grocery store in Delano for easy proximity and convenience. And for the buyer who is looking for a more urban feel, the downtown area of Delano boast contemporary styled condos that are within walking distance of local bars, restuarants, and a coffee shop.

Delano is located 25 miles west of downtown Minneapolis just off Highway 12 (394) making it an easy commute into the city while still maintaining the small town feel. If you'd like more information about Delano and the surrounding area please contact The Homes of Minnesota Team.



Forbes Ranks Minneapolis/ St. Paul #1 as America's "Most Relaxed City"


Feeling stressed all the time? It may be because you are living in the wrong city. Cities with high unemployment, snarling traffic, and long working hours can have a major impact on your physical health and well being. Stressful environments can take its toll on your health causing everything from headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

So where can you escape from stress and live in a more relaxed environment? A recent Forbes study suggests the Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area. This metro area of roughly 3.2 Million people boasts lower unemployment at 7% compared to the current national unemployment average of 9.6%. Less than 5% of commuters spend their morning in traffic and 84% of the population reported recent exercise- the best workout rate of any city surveyed. The Twin Cities also ranks high with access to quality health care.

So are you ready to break free from stress and move to a more relaxed, healthy environment? Contact Shannon Sand with the Homes of Minnesota team to help you relocate to America's "Most Relaxed" metro area.