Zero Down Payment option for Minneapolis and St Paul First Time Home Buyers

Affordable Advantage - Zero Down Payment Loan 

Can’t Save the 3.5% for an FHA Loan?  Can You Save ZERO? 

It’s back and in style, the true Minneapolis and St Paul MN zero down payment program.  For a few years now, the most minimum down payment you can do is 3.5% with FHA.  And FHA has had its fair share of hurdles, from appraisal issues to a pretty major upfront mortgage insurance premium that you finance over the term of your loan.  I am not bashing FHA.  It’s a great program.  I am here to say that there just may be a better one now!

Thanks to MN Housing putting their collective brains together with US Bank, we have Affordable Advantage ! CONVENTIONAL alternative to FHA and one that will benefit you way more!  It is true; minimum down is available on a conventional loan which is 3% down.  Big downside – private mortgage insurance is WAY higher than a FHA loan which would normally make FHA a better option for most.  Now it doesn’t have to be that way.  Check out the difference between FHA and the new zero-down conventional financing in this scenario



Okay, so the difference isn’t eye-popping, BUT, your payment IS lower, out-of-pocket for down payment IS lower and you could actually bump up your buying power by about $4000.  And yes, this WILL make a difference.  So what’s the skinny on this new, better-than-sliced-bread program?  See below!

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The Pros Advantage Profiting from Stolen Website Designs

A Sad Day:

Today we discovered that our website design has been stolen.  Not borrowed and modified...outright stolen!  The perpetrator is The Pros Advantage and our design was sold to a local agent in our own company!  Our website design is copyrighted and was blatantly RIPPED OFF.  We hired Real Estate Webmasters to design and build our shiny new website and we are more than proud of their efforts.  BUT, now The Pros Advantage - www(dot) - have stolen their design and sold it to an unsuspecting agent.

The Pros Un-Advantage:

If you want to see exactly what happened, check out this Blog Post for information on what these scumbags did!  We all work WAY TOO HARD at building and designing good, quality, user friendly websites to have them compromised by bottom feeding scam artists.  It's not right and it's a shame that we have to put up with this.  The Pros Advantage isn't a website company, it's a scam organization!  Shame on you The Pros Advantage.